About Us

We are here to guide you in your Canadian journey. We are the Canadian Gooses which tells you the right directions to fly towards, We are the northern star guiding you in your voyage, to one direction- Up.

Having heard horror stories of how people were duped by education and immigration consultancies, we decided to act, in the most despicable way imaginable to us, by starting yet another consultancy. A consultancy that will be the light leading men in the darkness, instead of the blind leading the blind. We aspire to be the beacons that guide you to safe paths in your journey.

There is only one premise under which we will be operating and it is simple- Always do the best thing in the interest of the person approaching us.

We are not going to sell you courses of our liking. We are not going to ask you to pay a fee upfront to ‘register’ for our services. Most of our services on our website are FREE and we follow a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ approach. We recommend you to approach us only when you think you need a little nudge, an expert guidance on a specific matter, career guidance, a specific query, and above all in the interest of time and convenience. If you believe in our mission, before you set sails to Canada, talk to us. Maybe, just maybe, your journey might be a little easier with us. After all, the sails need the winds to blow in the right direction.

As you set out for Canada, hope the voyage is a long one. Full of adventure, full of discovery. May you taste Poutine and Maple Syrup in galore.