Boxing Day Shopping Tips: Save Money on the Go!

Shopping season is here and here are some sites that could help you save a lot or make informed decisions when it comes to your shopping in Canada. Well, this is my first year anniversary in Canada and I sure am looking for sweet savoury deals.

Please note: None of them are affiliate links.


The mother of all bargaining shop sites in Canada. Please be sure to subscribe to only the shops that you are planning to shop or else you might drown out in all the deals coming into your way. For eg: If you’re looking for a deal for iPhone, subscribe deals on iPhone and leave the rest.


How it works: You find a product on Amazon you like and you copy the URL and past it into This website. It will show you the price it has EVER sold on Amazon for.


The same as camelcamelcamel but a chrome extension. Also, if you sign up you can track multiple products to give you an alert when something goes on a sale.


Flipp app for deals on groceries to price match. Also, you can add a shopping list to find offers on the specific items on the go.


If you like cashback- combine with the cashback credit cards of your choice, and you got yourself, a nice deal.

f) If you shop at Costco look no further than the below:

For Ontario, Quebec and Maritime-

For those out in the West-


To keep track of price drops from many a site.


For outdoor clothes and boots

i) and FInally For the US deals-

Basically these are US deals often with free shipping/ waiver on the exchange rate for neighbours up in the North on special occasions. So for big shopping days like Black Friday/Boxing Day.  you might want to keep an eye on US deals and just focus on companies that ship to Canada.

If you have a hidden gem that you wish us to know, please drop. in the link in the comments below. Thank you, stranger!

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