To the Center of Canada (96°48’35”)

One of the best things we experienced throughout our journey is the Airbnb homes. Leif, our first host was a gentleman showcasing antiques in every nook and corner of his house. Enjoying his senescence as a Freemason, this travel enthusiast didn’t hesitate to share his vast knowledge, helping us plan the itinerary for the day and even offering us a petit déjeuner.

By midday, we had visited majestic Ouimet Canyon and the Terryfox monument; respect to this man who conquered the impossible. Gaining plenty of calories from a pizza place in Thunderbay, we had miles to cover before we end the day’s ride. Kakabeka, the first of the many waterfalls to come was quite magnificent. In spite of carrying gallons of muddy water, it managed to draw a perfect rainbow.

With sunglasses on, progressing westwards and taking necessary pauses, we finally entered Manitoba. Despite the darkness, we took some pictures for our diaries. In around 100 km, we would reach the longitudinal center of Canada. Unlike western Ontario which offered amazing roads and sights splendidly, this province has fewer trees and vegetation. Half past midnight, we were at the longitudinal center of this nation. Splitting into two halves, this imaginary line passes exactly through 96°48’35”. Enough lighting for Romal’s night photography was facilitated using the headlights of our car.

Once again back on road, the maps took us through rugged countryside roads where double clutching and downshifting was inevitable. Sneaking into our Airbnb residence in the small town of Portage La Prairie, we made sure our host Manon was undisturbed.

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