Chez les dinosaures!

It’s unquestionable that a good day is gained with a good sleep. Lying over 3000 km far from our home in Montreal, the city of Saskatoon is the biggest in the province after Regina. Learning route options before departure is a key factor to make the most out of a trip. Taking account of what we read in Trip advisor. we opted to explore the 100 km longer route through this city over Regina. This choice definitely rendered us the opportunity to feel this land of living skies ensemble.

Alberta, the fourth province to encounter since we left Québec is a treasure for the whole country. Rich in minerals and petroleum. this province is a must watch for every tourist. The province welcomed us displaying its slogan ‘ Wild Rose Country’ in an attractive brown background. Large trailers carrying mobile houses escorted by Ford pickups in front and back displaying ‘Oversize loads’ brought a change to the normal traffic. These mobile homes are normal in this part of the country. Deeper into this province, we took a detour to Oyen, a small town in eastern Alberta. With a limited number of restaurants, we headed to the only subway of this town. We were amazed to see a north Indian and a Chinese guy welcoming us. Having our so-called brunch, we didn’t forget to ask about their experiences in this isolated town. Apparently, they owned the shop and had a decent number of clients. “Since we are the only franchise here in town other than the neighbor A&W, people have to choose between us,” he said. Frank to speak; the life here would be dull and silent, but for those who wish to lead a stressless and charming life, Oyen is rewarding.

Sometimes, you need more than a foot long sandwich to suppress your hunger. The quest to find roads without cars to try out our inexperienced substitute driver Lalet was finally fulfilled. Driving on North American roads for the first time, he was able to cover at least 5km which accounted for 0.0005 of the whole tour, LOL. Definitely an asset during desperate times. The deserted roads in these badlands are awesome for cornering and demand frequent shifting of gears. Taking a brief break in one of the many barren hills here, we watched ourselves a gigantic truck applying very loud engine brakes creating back pressure, the only way to descend these steep hills.

Moving on, we decided to test our 2.4l engine in these empty roads after making sure no vehicles ahead of us. With Honda’s incredible Vtech kicking in, adrenaline rushed through the veins bringing forth a sense of awareness over pleasure forcing me to slow down. It’s pretty evident that these cars would smoothly go over 200km an hour. Rerouting via some countryside roads, we came across the hoodoos of Alberta which are geological rock formations created by sandstones. These wonders gave us a feeling of being in canyons of Southwestern US. Plenty of dinosaur fossils have been found from the neighboring areas here. Hiking some trails under the scorching sun, we didn’t have much time to lose here as the great Royal Tyrell museum was still to be explored.

Named after Joseph Burr Tyrell, the geologist who found the first dinosaur fossil in this Canadian badlands, this palaeontological center in Drumheller is home to 130,000 fossils. Sipping in coffee from the Starbucks inside the museum cafeteria, we were getting ready for the long walk. Searching for the Tyrannosaurus Rex fossils, the one familiar to most of us, we moved on taking quick glances at the exhibits. Archaeologists and artists made an amazing job of recreating lost or deteriorated portion of the skeletal structures and assembling them precisely making them alluring. Enjoying ourselves for almost an hour and a half, we exited and rushed to Calgary where we have the night’s stay at a relative. On the way, we passed by the world’s largest dinosaur, a model of T-rex here in this dinosaur capital of the world. Entering the city of Calgary, the fourth most populated in the country, we were shocked to see an expensive gasoline price even though the province was the major producer of the same. Relaxing at the grand house having some chilled Molson Canadian and splendid food, we absolutely welcomed this change from Airbnbs.

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