7 Ways To Improve Your CRS Score

As outlined in this informative post here, CRS Score determines the cut off for the Invitation To Apply (ITA) and by extension determines your chances of migration to Canada.

I am writing this from the point of view of someone, who has created a profile already in the CIC website and unfortunately, fell a little short of the required points for the cutoff.

Chances are that you are in that tight spot of a few points short of achieving your Canadian dream or dropping it and start looking for other greener pastures in life.

Do not lose hope, there are still a few tricks up the sleeve to make the home run. Some of these can only nudge your points but while some can really get you points in such a way that a trip to the Pearson International Airport is guaranteed.

  1. Language Skills.

For a Federal Skilled Worker candidate to enter the Express Entry pool, a minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) of 7 is required in each language ability — reading, writing, speaking and listening. So you’ve appeared for your language test- IELTS, right? You’ve scored pretty well. Yes, but not exceptional. Did you have achieved a Canadian level CLB 9 in EACH of the sections of language testing?

Did you know that the language abilities can get you 260 CRS points if you’re a single candidate and 270 CRS points if you’re a family? Contrast this with an international student who studied in Canada and applying under Canadian Experience Class, he gets only 200 points for Canadian Education after shelling out all those dollars and an additional 50 points if he has work experience in Canada.

Improve your language abilities. If you have scored more than 7 in Reading and Listening chances are that you can make it to CLB 9, by merely re-appearing again, with a lot more practice in these sessions.

2. French Language Skills

“Bonjour, Ca VA?” “Comment s’appele?” “J’mappele, Clint”. When you log in to the CIC website you have been given an option to choose between English and French (Francais). That’s because, Canada has two official languages- French and English.

So if you are a francophone, there are additional brownie points. You could be awarded up to 24 points for the second language if you attempt the Test d’évaluation du français (TEF) basis your performance. And an added bonus of up to 30 additional points if you reach the level of CLB 7.

That’s a total of 54 points!

Wait, it only gets better from here.

There are a plethora of bilingual jobs in Canada and if you score close to CLB 7, you could apply for them all, including in government services.

Next, there is a separate economic migration stream for applicants to Canada’s largest Francophone state, Quebec. And you need to prove your French proficiency to apply for the same.

To know more about the Quebec immigration stream check this post here.

To know about some applications to wake the inner Francophone in you, click here.

3. Provincial Nominee Program

How does the idea of 600 additional points sound to you? Read on, my fellow comrade, read on.

This is where the Canadian provinces (read, states) invite potential candidates to their states with open arms, to come to settle in the respective provinces which extended this warm welcome to you. Each of these states has their specific criteria and the round of invitations may be open only for a particular period in a year.

To know more about the PNP programs check this link out.

4. Work Experience

You already have three (3) years of work experience, the maximum years for which points can be claimed under the CRS system and so you will resign and join for French classes, right? No- keep working! While this work won’t bring points under the human capital factors, it is nonetheless rewarded in the skills transferability combinations. Weird algorithms, I never understand.

For candidates currently working in Canada on a work permit, keep on working for, this work experience will add more points than external work experience and further, it is rewarded for each annual threshold up to five years.

5. Job Offer

50 CRS points. That’s it. Start networking. Polish your LinkedIn profile and register in Canadian job sites, prepare a Canadian resume.

6. Study In Canada

Canada boasts of finest learning institutions and trade schools. If you at this point in time, is still falling short of required CRS points. Maybe it might be interesting for you to attend a college in Canada to improve upon your skill sets and for the most important of all, to get that Canadian work experience, everyone seems to be so cautious about. Check out Study tab for more detailed information and to meet official university representatives.

7. Epigamia

Last, this is a sleazy trick. Maybe unethical depending upon who you ask. From the historical annals of the Mauryan empire in India to the House of Medici in Florence, the conflicts between the Scots, Welsh and English, there are numerous examples where marriage has often been used a tool to secure political and economic benefits. Some people are of the opinion that every marriage is an epigamia of attaining some gains. Despite all your opinion and reservations, if you’re desperate enough, seek this option at your own peril. Enter, Indian arranged marriage in all its glory and colour. Marry a spouse who could potentially help you land in Canada. There are family sponsorship visa and dependant visa options available for candidates whose spouse is a PR holder or a citizen.

Check out Singles near You, link here.

Your spouse/partner’s language ability is worth up to 20 points, while education level and Canadian work experience are worth up to 10 points each.

There is nothing stopping you guys from creating separate Express Entry profiles, naming the other partner as the accompanying spouse. Take the likely scenario, where one partner’s CRS score is lower than the other partner’s, but the person with the lower score may have work experience in an occupation in demand by a province under a PNP. Boom, pack your bags, this person if he gets a PNP invitation, could accelerate the points and take the other person along with them to Canada.

Bon Voyage.

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