35 Toronto Life Hacks For Making Your Life Easy

  1. Toronto life hack #1 just accept the fact you’re going to do a lot of walking. Even if you own a car, or a metro pass you’re gonna walk. Get used to it. Hack within a hack- Buy comfortable shoes.
  2. Get an annual membership for Toronto Bike Shares and ride wherever you go at $90 a year.
  3. Save the plane while saving money- Carry reusable water bottles and use the Quench app to find convenient sources of free water on a daily basis,
  4. Sign up for the Toronto public library card for a plethora of books, and other quirky awesome services, including free cooking classes and yes, they teach you how to make Sushi. Free museum visits and many other services are on the lists for free. Hoopla is free too.
  5. Never wait for the transit again- Download the TTC app. or better yet use the Transit app. There’s yet another one- https://transitnowapp.com/. There’s yet another one for transit- the Rocket Man app, it will track buses and streetcars so you can leave your house at the exact right time. You can even set it to give you an alarm 5 or 10 min before the bus arrives.
  6. Use the Path to stay warm this winter. It connects to all the major streets. If you’re wondering what it is, it is only the world’s largest underground mall.
  7. Living outside Toronto, use Megabus to travel to the city instead of driving. They offer cheap rides to various locations in Ontario, Quebec and even to New York.
  8. New to Toronto or to a particular neighbourhood- Choose Toronto Greeters to give you a free synopsis of the neighbourhood.
  9. Loblaws and No Frills are owned by the same company. This essentially means you can buy much stuff they have at Loblaws at No Frills for a cheaper rate.
  10. Get a gym membership ($50/month) even better if you can find someone willing to transfer their membership to you for a deep discount. If you go to the gym first thing in the morning there is no waiting for a shower and you have all the amenities to get ready for work. This can save over $500/month.
  11. Furnish your apartment with used Ikea furniture from Craigslist or Kijiji has the best resale value. Hack within a hack- buy from nice areas downtown from young professionals who are moving (King west, Liberty village, Queen west). Another hack within hack- Please do not pick up the free furniture available on the sidewalk- bedbugs are no bloody joke.
  12. If you don’t have a metro pass buy tokens by the bulk. They will save you a lot of time in lineups. Sub hack- buy the tokens for the week at the shop you’re shopping in. Use this tool to find out who near you are authorized to sell these tokens to save the line up for tokens in the stations.
  13. St. Lawrence Market- Free food tasting.
  14. Join GTA homeowners group on Facebook to learn the tips and tricks of owning a home in Toronto.
  15. Buying Groceries- Head to Chinatown and farmer’s markets (Kensington Market) for weekly produce selection.
  16. Find Free parking in Toronto.
  17. To get a quick overview of parking locations in Toronto and their prices- Download this
  18. Even street numbers are on the North and West sides of streets. Odds are on the South and East sides.
  19. If you like camping, check out www.parkbus.ca which is a bus service to the nearby parks like Algonquin
  20. If you want to go to the US and other Canadian cities for a cheaper rate, avoid- Pearson airport and choose flight operators based at the nearby Billy Bishop airport like Porter Airlines.
  21. Get a rain-cover for your backpack if you walk. Toronto gets quite a bit of rain in the spring and fall. You can grab one at www.mec.ca. Also, don’t get a cheap umbrella, because they will not last through more than three storms here.
  22. The city is on a lake. If you are going downhill you are usually heading south (towards the lake). Uphill is usually north.
  23. The lights on Canada Life Building- The top light shows: Steady green = clear, Steady red = cloudy, Flashing red = rain, Flashing white = snow. The white lights along the support tower show:- Lights running up = warmer, Lights running down = cooler, Steady = steady temperature.
  24. Chinatown is the place to go for cheap things, especially groceries and t-shirts. Probably the cheapest lunch around is steamed pork buns from any of the many Chinese bakeries (3 for $2 at Mashion Bakery or Ding Dong Pastries). Best when still hot.
  25. Harbourfrontcentre. They have amazing movies and live music right by the lake on a covered stage all summer long, mostly free.
  26. Take advantage of “Doors Open” to get inside places you can’t normally go.
  27. If you’re on Twitter follow these handles- TPL, 311Toronto, NowTo, BlogTo, Torontoist, GridTo, NerdniteTo.
  28. Love music and going to concerts? Get all you need to know about concerts in the city here and here.
  29. Sports fan and athletic- visit this website for all you need to know about the activities going around.
  30. If you’re driving- Follow the GO bus. E.g. if a GO bus ahead of you decides not to take the DVP, you definitely don’t want to take the DVP. They have the advantage of radios and measurements, they know when things are bad enough to make alternate routes faster.
  31. If you’re getting on the subway at a stop where the doors are going to open on the other side for the rest of the line during rush hour/anytime when its busy, instead of trying to be one of the first on in hopes of finding a seat, be the very last to get on so you can have the sweet door spot.
  32. Love beer at midnight- use Beer Hunter to locate an open bar.
  33. Wondering where does all the money come from to spend? TD Bank offers a gracious personal line of credit with variable rates.
  34. Love Art- Get a AGO pass.
  35. Sign up to compasscanada.in

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